Logmatic.io – Data Analyzer Platform for Log and Events

Many companies are using cloud computing for their system and data but saving data on cloud is not enough to get best results for business. To product best results every data, log, event need to analyze to find out where things are wrong and what need to do to improve it. Logmatic is a data analyzer platform for Log and…

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Remove Styling Of Telephone Numbers From Web Page

Hi, Is your website having default blue hyperlink colour from a telephone number when viewed on an iPhone? Sometimes if your site have telephone number on page then on iphone it shows link blue link and even after using CSS on it, it still shows blue. I also got this issue on one of my website I was working and…

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How To Swap Columns Values In Mysql by Query

Mysql is mostly used for all website made in PHP because of its so many good advantages. I am also working in PHP MYSQL from more than 6 years. I am PHP Freelancer India and I am available to hire. Now in this article I am going to explain you how we can swap values of two columns of a…

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