CakePHP : How To Make Image Submit Button

Hello Friends, CakePHP having form helper to make text box,forms ad any other HTML input, But today I want to make a image work as submit button because one of my submit button in project using image, So I want to submit form when anyone click on image button, I have tried to search on internet about it that how can we make a image submit button and didn’t get any proper solution, Finally I tried it myself and got solution for it. I don’t know it is correct solution but it is working perfectly for me.

<?php echo $form->submit('', array('type'=>'image','src' => 'img/buttons/buynow.gif'));  ?>

In Above code just replace ‘img/buttons/buynow.gif’ with your image path. It will show image and working as submit button.

Let me know if you have any problem in this.

  • Anuj

    Simple type image address inside submit function like $form->submit('image.jpg');

  • guest

    nice, but a question if you click this image(button) what will happen (what will be submitted)?

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