Change Small WordPress Logo At Top Left Corner After Login Into Admin

Hi Friends, In this article I am going to explain that how you can Change Small WordPress Logo At Top Left Corner After Login Into Admin. Many times when we work for clients then they need to include their brand name and logo into wordpress admin also at that time we need to change wordpress logo at top left corner after login into admin. So I am going to explain it here step by step that how you can change wordpress top left logo in admin.

We are going to use wordpress action hooks, WordPress providing many hooks by which we can change or add wordpress functionality without changing core files of wordpress.So here we are going to use ‘admin_head’ action hook by which you can change admin head logo and other things. So below are code to change admin head logo at top left of screen :

function change_admin_head_logo() {
echo '
<style type="text/css">
background:url(images/my-logo.png) left center no-repeat;
add_action('admin_head', 'change_admin_head_logo', 11);

So in above code you can see we use ‘admin_head’ action hook and one CSS block to override current admin logo image. Upload your login logo image in wp-content/themes/[current_theme]/images/ and then replace image name ‘my-logo.png’ with your logo image name. Now put this above code in functions.php file of your theme and then check your admin logo at top left.

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