Solution of Fatal error: Call to undefined function w3tc_button_link()

Hello Friends, WordPress have lots of plugins and we really like to use new plugins in our site to improve our site performance but sometimes some plugins create problems with another plugin and while installing new plugin or in already installed it gives errors. $20 00 USD Same situation I faced some days ago.While installing a new plugin I was getting this error : Fatal error: Call to undefined function w3tc_button_link(), You might get this error in already installed plugin page.

Now I am working alone as PHP Freelancer and I have to solve this error from myself. So I knew that this error came because of W3 Total Cache plugin, Even you uninstalled this plugin you can get this error. So I was just amazed that I uninstalled plugin but still I am getting error related to this plugin.So after searching I found that we need to remove somethings related to w3 total cache plugin manually.

So below are one file and one folder which you have to remove manually to get rid of this error :

1. Folder: /wp-content/cache/

2. File: /wp-content/advanced-cache.php

Delete these one folder and one file from your wordpress site and Voila!~ You will see error solved.  This will surely solve your issue.

If you have any other problem related to this then you can post in comment or if you have any other easy solution write down in comments.

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