Logmatic.io – Data Analyzer Platform for Log and Events

Many companies are using cloud computing for their system and data but saving data on cloud is not enough to get best results for business. To product best results every data, log, event need to analyze to find out where things are wrong and what need to do to improve it. Logmatic is a data analyzer platform for Log and Events by which you can analyze any type of log or Machine Events. It will show lots of results in terms of charts, reports etc. We are explaning its features in this review with some videos.

  1. First of all when you heard about new thing, then you get many question in mind, that how it will work, how it will look, will it give best results etc..etc.. So for that Logmatic.io providing you free trial for 14 days. You can signup and use it free for 14 days and check all features and results. We know after signup for free trial you will love it because it have lots of features which you cant ignore.
  2. Important is it is very easy to setup, you dont need to process or configure any log, data, events. You just send any type of logs to Logmatic.io and it will process that log, event for you. In short you will not need any agent to process your logs.
  3. Many automated integration examples available for Logmatic like Windows, Linux, Heroku or docker logs, devices with iOS, code language with PHP Symfony or Ruby on Rails, browsers with JS library, servers with Apache & NGINX.
  4. You will find for other platforms you need to put provided code on your server, but for Logmatic no need to put any Logmatic.io code to your server.
  5. It works with Apache, Ngnix, Firewalls, Syslogs, Key/value patterns. If you are working with nodejs then your nodejs logging can be effectively done by Logmatic.io.
  6. To investigate user can use many complex queries like AND, OR, exclusions, Wildcards. It have very powerful investigate capacity.
  7. Granular level bring down to log level. It also show you real time search and real time log.
  8. Best things for user is it provide beautiful, dynamic dashboards for data visualization. There are many things available on dashboard are pie charts based on counts / sums / averages / percentiles / calculated metrics, Time series & filtered metrics, geo flow charts, maps, pivot table. By a single click it will show you lots of log, data, filtered data which is very useful.
  9. Logmatic have alert system too by which you can get alerts for log analyses, search queries, user thresholds via email, Slack, Pagerduty, HipChat.
  10. For developers, they can integrate Logmatic to other apps, CRM, and BI tools via RESTful API.
  11. Developers can run and deploy test from user interface, it can easily recognize Operating system,Smart phone Devices, Web browsers etc..


Video for Dynamic Dashboard :

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/164403047]

Video of Investigation :

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/167433345]

Video of Data collection :

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/161001764]

Logmatic is best log and event management plaform avaulable out there. Its feature are very useful and easy to use. Its design is cool. They have alomost eveything a log and event management platform should have. Signup and try it! We are sure you will surely like it. If you are using this then let us know your experience in comments or have any query then ask in comments!

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