Set Page Title Syntax In CakePHP 1.3

Hello Friends, I have worked in CakePHP 1.2 some time ago and after long time I have started new CakePHP project and now CakePHP 1.3 available and CakePHP 1.3 having so many new features. So when I used CakePHP 1.3 for new project then I found that set page title syntax has been changed in CakePHP 1.3. In CakePHP 1.2 we can set page title value in controller given below

$this->pageTitle = "Page Title Value";

Remember that this pageTitle value worked if we used $title_for_layout variable in layout file. But now in cakePHP 1.3 setting of pageTitle syntax has been changed and new page title syntactic for cakePHP 1.3 is given below.

$this->set("title_for_layout","Page Title Value");

So this is the new and simple page title syntax for CakePHP 1.3  and now we want to print value of page title then your layout file must have $title_for_layout variable between <title> tag.

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