FCKeditor Image Uploading Not Working

Hello Friends, Some days ago I was working on fckeditor because I was getting error in it that i was not able to upload image. When I uploading image it is telling me that image uploaded successfully, but when I was checking in images it was not exists. So I have started searching about it and finally found solution of it. I am telling you all ways which I used to solve this problem because may be in your case your error occurred due to other reason.

First of all when you upload image and it is giving image uploaded successfully but it is not showing image in list it means image not uploaded successfully. So there are some things you have to check to solve this problem given below :

1. First of all while using fckeditor check folder permissions of userfiles folder (also for folders inside userfiles), check that it is 777 rights to that folder or not? you can check it by going to that folder via FTP by right clicking on it and then select properties. If all folders having 777 rights but it is still not uploading image then check that your server is linux or windows? you can check check that your server is windows or linux via phpinfo. If your server is linux then you can change folder permissions by right clicking on that folder from FTP but if it is windows then you have to email to your hosting to give permission to that folders. In my case I had windows server and I mailed to hosting and when they gave permissions to folder image uploading start working smoothly.

2. Open the config.php file. Here is the full path of this file (FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php).

$Config[‘QuickUploadPath’][‘Image’] = $Config[‘UserFilesPath’] ;
$Config[‘QuickUploadAbsolutePath’][‘Image’] = $Config[‘UserFilesAbsolutePath’] ;


$Config[‘QuickUploadPath’][‘Image’] = $Config[‘FileTypesPath’][‘Image’] ;
$Config[‘QuickUploadAbsolutePath’][‘Image’] = $Config[‘FileTypesAbsolutePath’][‘Image’] ;

3. Go through this file FCKeditor\editor\filemanager\connectors\php\config.php and set absolute path of your directory. I think you all are know about absolute and relative path. Please set below path in your config file.

$Config[‘UserFilesPath’] = ‘http://www.abcd.com/userfiles/’ ;

$Config[‘UserFilesAbsolutePath’] = ‘directody path of userfiles folder/’ ; // like home/htdocs/..

Using above step, your image upload problem and Image display problem will be solved. I have already faced these problems and also solved this problems.

4. Check that you are using latest version of fckeditor or not? you can find latest version here .

After using all these steps if your fckeditor image upload working then you can contact me .

Also I am PHP Freelancer having more than  3 years of experience, So if you want to do any projects then you can contact me.

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