How To Show .htaccess File In CuteFTP

Hi Friends, There are so many FTP programs available in market but mostly used are CuteFTP and FileZilla. I am also using CuteFTP. Some days ago I open one site FTP in cuteFTP and try to find .htaccess file but didn’t find .htaccess, I uploaded .htaccess file but it was not showing , So I thought there are some problem of server , I again upload .htaccess on server which I had in my local , while uploading .htaccess again it was giving popup to overwrite .htaccess . It means there is one .htaccess already exists but it is not showing. So I have searched on internet about this problem and found that it is problem of cuteFTP not a problem of server. There is one setting by which we can show .htaccess if it is not showing.

Go through below points to show .htaccess in cuteFTP :

1. Open cuteFTP.

2. Press Ctrl+N to make new FTP site.

3. Enter all details. Site name, host address,username, password.

4. Now go to Action tab.

5. On action tab you will see one “Filter..” button. click on it.

6. One popup will open in that tick “Enable server side filtering(server applied filters)”.

7. When you tick “Enable server side filtering(server applied filters)” text box below it become enable to write, So write -a in text box.

8. Click apply, ok.

9. Now connect FTP site, Your .htaccess now showing.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

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