[CakePHP]How To Call Controller Action or Controller Function From Views Or Any Location

Hi Friends, While developing cakePHP web application we get so many problems and difficulties. Some days ago i got one problem in which I wanted to call controller action or controller function from view file. We can’t directly call controller function in view file. So I have found one function in cakePHP by which we can call any controller method/action/function from any location in cakePHP or from view.

requestAction function calls a controller’s action from any location and returns data from the action. See below :


Above is code by which you can call controller method/action/function get_client_data from any location or view files. If you use above code it means you are calling client controller and calling get_client_data of client controller. Also you can see that I have passed $clientid with URL, $clientid is dynamic client id which we can passed automatically inside for loop to get client data evertime for loop runs.

When this function calls in view it execute get_client_data function and then return result from get_client_data function in $clientdata variable. In this way we can call controller function from any location or from view.

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