NextGEN Gallery Custom Fields For Gallery Not Working?- Solution

Hi Friends, Some days ago I was working with NextGEN Gallery in which I have to add custom fields for gallery and image also and I already write post for How To Add Custom Fields In NextGEN Gallery To Give Link On Images Of Posts Or Page , So I installed NextGEN Custom Fields Plugin and then I tried to create custom field for gallery , So I can show some information relation to Gallery with gallery.So I added one custom field for gallery by going to custom fields and add and then I go to add new gallery , but while adding new gallery I found that added custom fields was not showing while adding gallery. I have tried so many times but it was not showing ,I uninstalled plugin and install it again but no success. But finally after so many efforts I got solution that why it was not working.

When we use NextGEN Custom Fields Plugin and trying to add custom field for gallery then before adding field for gallery we have to add one custom field for image. It is must to add one custom field for image if we want to use gallery custom field.So if you want to use gallery custom field then first add custom field for image and then add custom field for gallery , when you add gallery or edit gallery that custom field start showing beside other fields. So in this way you can get working NextGen Gallery custom fields for gallery.

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