Author: Ankur

How To Change Different PHP Version By .htaccess

Hi Friends, In this article I will explain how can we change version of PHP by htaccess. Sometime some application need php version 5 instead of 4 and on server php4 version used by default but If php5 already installed on server then we can use php5 version by putting one line in .htaccess file.

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How To Check URL Protocol Is https by PHP

Hi friends, Today in this article I am writing about how can we check or found that URL is using https protocol or not by PHP. It is very simple in PHP to find this but as this is small thing, So it is obvious that most of people dont have any attension on it. Many programmer trying to find…

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[CakePHP]How To Call Controller Action or Controller Function From Views Or Any Location

Hi Friends, While developing cakePHP web application we get so many problems and difficulties. Some days ago i got one problem in which I wanted to call controller action or controller function from view file. We can’t directly call controller function in view file. So I have found one function in cakePHP by which we can call any controller method/action/function…

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